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St. Petersburg Forgery Lawyers Defend Clients Charged with Crimes of Deception

Aggressive defense for Floridians accused of fraud

Fraud and forgery are theft crimes classified as misdemeanors or felonies depending on the value of the stolen item and, in some cases, the means used to steal it. These cases can be complex for prosecutors, who have to prove the intent to deceive. At Kidder & Bennett, we’ve represented numerous individuals who engaged in what they thought were routine business transactions only to be accused of fraud or forgery later. Working with a lawyer who has experience as a former prosecutor can be crucial to establishing a strategic defense.

Experienced criminal defense counsel explains fraud

Fraud is theft accomplished through deception. The perpetrator tricks the victim into surrendering something of value.

Common Fraud Schemes In Florida

  • Corporate fraud — This type of white collar crime usually involves accounting tricks that manipulate profits and losses. It victimizes shareholders and defrauds the IRS.
  • Mortgage fraud — This scheme involves making material misrepresentations on a loan application to obtain money that the borrower would otherwise be unqualified to receive.
  • Money laundering — In this common racketeering scheme, money is obtained through the sale of drugs or another illicit enterprise and is funneled through a legitimate business serving as a shell company so the funds appear to be the fruit of legal transactions.
  • Public benefits schemes — These enterprises are set up to enable unqualified individuals to obtain welfare payments, food stamps, Social Security benefits and other government assistance.
  • Insurance fraud — There are two basic schemes prevalent in the state of Florida. The first involves the deliberate damage or bogus theft of insured property to collect insurance benefits, usually in excess of the actual value. This is pervasive in the auto insurance market, where fraudsters stage accidents using tactics such as the “swoop and squat.” The second type of fraud involves policyholders padding insurance claims to report greater losses than actually occurred. Such actions are common after a severe storm or hurricane.
  • Identity theft — This is an act of fraud committed by acquiring enough information about an individual to actually “become” that person for purposes of opening credit card accounts and otherwise using the victim’s identity for personal gain.
  • Telemarketing scams — A major tool used to exploit senior citizens, these phone schemes use hard-sell tactics to persuade elderly victims to part with their money for nothing of value.

The Web makes it easier than ever for unscrupulous people to victimize others. Many websites hawk worthless goods and services.

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If you are facing fraud charges, you need Kidder and Bennett on your side. We have over 25 years of experience serving clients as a mortgage fraud defense attorney, an attorney for the exploitation of senior citizens, criminal defense attorney corporate fraud, racketeering defense attorney, and internet fraud defense attorney. Contact us today for a consultation appointment and get the aggressive representation that you deserve.

Accused of Fraud? We are a highly skilled and experienced mortgage fraud defense attorney, attorney for exploitation of senior citizens, criminal defense attorney corporate fraud, racketeering defense attorney and internet fraud defense attorney.

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