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FL Restricted License

St. Petersburg DUI Defense Attorneys Help You to Get and Maintain a Florida Restricted License After a DUI Conviction

Experienced attorneys help salvage driving privileges for essential uses

If you’ve received a license suspension due to a DUI conviction, another type of traffic violation or an accumulation of penalty points, you may find yourself in dire straits. Many Floridians would not be able to keep their jobs if they couldn’t drive to and from their place of employment or while working. Fortunately, you may be eligible to drive on a restricted license if you can demonstrate a genuine hardship. At Kidder & Bennett, we mitigate the damage done by DUI arrests and traffic tickets.

We make every effort to help you get a restricted license. This allows you drive for essential reasons, such as:

  • To get to and from work
  • To drive on the job
  • To drive to and from school
  • To travel to and from church
  • To get to and from medical appointments

Under Florida law, once your license has been suspended, you have a right to a hearing within 30 days of the date you request one. At your hearing, you must show that the license suspension is causing a serious hardship because it precludes you from carrying out your normal business operations or employment duties and that you need to drive to support yourself and, if applicable, your family.

Kidder & Bennett can explain the mandatory driver safety education and other requirements specific to your type of suspension and help you assemble the evidence necessary to make a compelling case for your need to drive. This may include testimonials from respected members of the community. For some DUI suspensions, enrollment in an alcohol treatment program is required. If you fail to complete the alcohol program, the court may revoke your restricted license.

Ignition interlock device requirements in Florida

According to Florida Statutes § 316.193, an ignition interlock device must be installed in an offender’s car following a DUI conviction. The terms are as follows:

  • First conviction — Up to the court’s discretion
  • First conviction with BAC of 0.15 percent or above or with minor in car — Six months or more
  • Second conviction — One year or more
  • Second conviction with BAC of 0.15 percent or above or with minor in car — Two years or more
  • Third conviction — Two years or more
  • Four or more convictions — Five years or more

We may be able to help you get a restricted license for hardship. However, you must maintain the ignition interlock device for the period of your suspension.

Save your driver license with aggressive defense representation in St. Petersburg

The best way to maintain your driving privileges is to avoid convictions and the resulting penalties. However, if you made a mistake, we may be able to help you obtain a restricted license so you can continue making a living and providing for your family. A DUI attorney at our firm can provide quality defense representation. Call Kidder & Bennett today at 727.821.8000 or contact our St. Petersburg office online.

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