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Death Penalty Cases

St. Petersburg Death Penalty Qualified Lawyers

Effective defenses in homicide cases

The highest standards are set for death penalty qualified attorneys. Capital lawyers must possess proven skills in effective representation of homicide defendants and demonstrate the dedication and experience to provide the best defense possible when clients are facing the most serious charges and most severe penalties. Capital qualified counsel William Bennett at Kidder & Bennett has more than 20 years of experience aggressively representing defendants accused of manslaughter, second degree homicide and first degree murder.

Standards for attorneys in capital cases

The Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure establish the minimum standards for attorneys to represent defendants in capital cases. The rules are designed to ensure that individuals facing the death penalty receive competent representation that rises to a higher level than in other types of criminal cases. Death penalty qualified lead counsel is required to:

  • Perform at the high level of skill demanded of death penalty lawyers
  • Possess at least five years of active criminal trial experience
  • Have acted as lead counsel in numerous trials, including at least three murder trials and two in which prosecutors sought the death penalty
  • Know how to effectively utilize expert witnesses, forensics and psychiatric evidence
  • Demonstrate proficiency in capital cases, including investigation and presentation of death penalty mitigation evidence
  • Attend special courses every two years that educate lawyers about death penalty defense techniques and revisions in the law
  • Commit zealously to every capital case they defend
  • Have the resources and the time to prepare for each case

The Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure also impose stringent requirements on death penalty qualified co-counsel and appellate attorneys.

Consult Pinellas County death penalty qualified attorneys for effective representation

Capital qualified lawyers at St. Petersburg criminal defense law firm Kidder & Bennett have the experience to provide effective representation in the most serious cases. Call Kidder & Bennett at 727.821.8000 or contact us online.

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