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Child and Elder Abuse

St. Petersburg Child and Elder Abuse Attorneys

Protect your rights in Florida child and elder abuse investigations

Injury to a child or senior tends to trigger justifiable compassion for the vulnerable victims and impassioned anger toward the alleged perpetrator. Yet, these sensitive cases can also stir witch-hunt-style investigations and overzealous prosecutions. Knowledgeable defense counsel can protect your rights throughout every stage of the criminal justice process — from questioning through trial. With more than 25 years of experience, our lawyers at the Pinellas County criminal defense law firm Kidder & Bennett aggressively represent you as soon as you become the target of an investigation of child or elder abuse.

Child abuse claims

Child abuse is a terrible crime and being erroneously accused of harming a child is devastating. Crimes involving children usually carry heavy prison sentences — including the potential of a life term in the most serious cases. Abuse resulting in death and sexual battery of a child younger than age 12 are considered capital crimes. Our team includes a death penalty qualified lawyer and two former prosecutors who resolutely defend you.

Domestic violence accusations

In contentious child custody battles, one parent sometimes uses the criminal court system to gain an edge. A claim of domestic violence can seriously affect your child custody and visitation rights and may result in criminal conviction and imprisonment. Our criminal defense lawyers defend you in cases involving domestic violence injunctions and dependency hearings to protect your parental rights if you have been wrongly accused of child abuse.

Exploitation of seniors

Older people who are affected by dementia and other mentally disabling conditions often legitimately need assistance with their finances. Loved ones attempting to help frail seniors may face scrutiny even as they attempt to do the right thing. Likewise, individuals may not realize they are conducting business with an elderly person who is legally incompetent. If you have been accused of fraud involving seniors, our white collar crime defense attorneys can help.

If you have been accused of abusing children or seniors, contact Clearwater criminal defense lawyers

Call St. Petersburg criminal defense law firm Kidder & Bennett at 727.821.8000 or contact us online to defend your rights in cases involving child abuse, elder abuse and fraud.

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Kidder and Bennett have over 25 years of experience serving their clients needs for a felony child abuse defense attorney and defense attorney elder abuse. As your child neglect defense attorney we relentlessly fight to protect your rights. For a defense attorney child abuse or a child sexual battery defense attorney you can depend on to aggressively represent you, contact our office today.

25+ years experience as a Felony Child Abuse Defense Attorney and Defense Attorney Elder Abuse. Get aggressive representation from our child neglect defense attorney. Call today for a consultation with our defense attorney child abuse.

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