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Asset Forfeiture

St. Petersburg Asset Forfeiture Lawyers

Protecting your property from unjust seizure

Forfeiture involves the government’s seizure of property it alleges is connected to a crime. Because most cases involve civil forfeiture, innocence is typically not a defense. The government can seize property — even without a criminal conviction or charges — merely by executing a warrant. Even if you are not accused of a crime, your property can be subject to forfeiture proceedings.

Our criminal defense attorneys at Kidder & Bennett have more than 25 years of experience protecting owners from unjust seizure of their property.

Property subject to seizure

The government may seek forfeiture of the following categories of property:

  • Contraband — property for which possession is a crime, including drugs, smuggled goods and illegal weapons
  • Proceeds from crimes — money or property bought with funds directly generated from illegal activity
  • Instrumentalities for commission of crimes — tools used in the commission of a crime, including automobiles, boats, planes and homes

Process and defenses

You must actively defend your right against seizure. Uncontested forfeiture proceedings are handled administratively without a civil hearing. You are granted a hearing date by filing a claim within the statutory response period after you receive notice of the forfeiture action. The government must only establish probable cause that it can seize your property, whereas you must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that it cannot. Available defenses may include:

  • The government lacked probable cause to seize your property
  • The property is not related to the crime
  • No crime was committed

Protect your property during prosecution by retaining Florida asset forfeiture lawyers

Your inaction can permanently cost you your rights to your own property. If you are facing a forfeiture action, call St. Petersburg criminal defense law firm Kidder & Bennett at 727.821.8000 or contact us online.

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